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The owners and staff of LifeSpring bring experience, empathy and a strong clinical background to the franchise and have successfully operated the business model outlined above for over 10 years. Every detail has been addressed, and the systems are in place to help you grow your business and provide top-quality services.

Over the years, our expertise has been sought out by struggling health care agencies, and from the successes we have had with corporate and individual clients, we believe we bring a strong, time-tested, successful infrastructure that will greatly benefit our franchisees.

Our franchisees receive strong support and assistance in every phase of their business. From start-up tasks and ensuring your licensing and accreditation is complete, to staffing and seamlessly phasing in our service lines, to implementing our marketing strategies in your territory, we guide you through every step to your success in building your business.

Finally, our depth of knowledge and experience in the Medicare and Hospice fields is unsurpassed. As a LifeSpring franchisee, you will be afforded the opportunity to work with various philanthropic organizations to affect a difference in your community and provide caring and compassionate services when a family needs them the most.

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