LifeSpring Franchising Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does LifeSpring grant exclusive territories?
    Yes. Our typical territory includes a population base of approximately 200,000 to 300,000 and is created using zip codes in a contiguous fashion. This size area usually includes a total of 20,000 people aged 65 years or older. These figures may vary depending upon how many territories are available in your area.
  2. Is my market big enough to support me and grow a sizeable business?
    We have modeled our territory size and population criteria after our service area operated by our very successful corporate location in Norman, Oklahoma. This model has been in operation for the past 10 years. During the research process, we will assist you through evaluating whether the area in which you live is comparable in size and scope to meet our territory guidelines.
  3. How much money can I make?
    While your success will depend upon how closely you follow our system and your willingness to market your business, we do provide an Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document. The figures reported are based on our successful Corporate location in Norman, Oklahoma and will serve as a guide for you to set your individual goals for the first five years of operation.
  4. With so many opportunities available to me, why should I choose LifeSpring?
    As a  LifeSpring franchisee, you will have the benefit of a management team with over 50+ years of industry experience, who have been operating the same scope of business as our franchise offering for over 10 years. When comparing other companies, we believe you will find ours to be the most comprehensive model in that we offer three revenue streams that allow you to offer a continuum of care to your clients. In addition, we have first-hand experience regarding certification and accreditation processes and will assist you in completing those requirements. Additionally, we assist with Medicare billing, and our Point of Care software system allows your business to operate effective and efficiently, which allows you to build your business much quicker.
  5. What licensing and accreditation is required for the business?
    You will need to obtain the appropriate licensing within your State and will need to go through the accreditation process to receive your Agency number for Medicare and Hospice.  We have taken consulting clients through these processes many times and will share our templated process that eliminates the pit falls most experience when making application to the appropriate agencies.
  6. Do you have proven marketing program that will produce results for my business?
    Our marketing program is proven and effective, and is a direct result of our Corporate location’s success over the past 10+ years. Our marketing techniques are applicable in any market, and are geared toward developing and building referral relationships within the medical profession in your community. We’ll teach you the approach and follow-up techniques that have proven successful for us when you are in training.
  7. How is billing handled?
    During training, we will assist you with setting up your Chart of Accounts for billing services for private pay and train you on implementing a simple system for your accounts receivable. From there, we’ll do the rest – we manage and bill your clients for any Medicare and/or Hospice services. Our expertise in these areas allows us to help you be the most efficient, so you can spend your time growing the business while we keep any eye on patient billings and correct coding of care services.
  8. What type of employees will I hire?
    In most cases, your employees will be licensed professionals, such as an RN Case Manager, skilled nurses, medical social workers, as well as certified home health aides. We will assist you with criteria for hiring and screening for all positions.  Our training and online University will educate you on what qualifications are necessary of different levels of care.
  9. How large of a staff does it take to start the business?
    You will start your business with a minimal number of staff.  Your  key staff member will be a full-time RN that will be your Director of Nursing Services.  All other staff will be hired on a part-time basis; their hours will increase as you grow your business, add additional services in Home Health and Hospice and as your patient load demands.
  10. How long will it take to be fully operational?
    As a LifeSpring franchisee, you will use a phased-in approach over an 18-month period. You will begin offering Private Pay services in your territory, allowing you to generate cash flow while your accreditation application is in process. Upon securing accreditation, you will begin offering Home Health and Hospice services. The typical time frame to be fully operations with all three revenue streams is 18 months.
  11. Do you provide training?
    As a LifeSpring franchisee, you will receive on-site training, as well as follow up training as you add your additional services. Not only will we train you in the operation of your business, but all the components are in place for training your staff as well. Our on-line Operations Manual ensures you are kept up to date on all regulation and procedural requirements, and access to our on-line LifeSpring University will provide all aspects of hiring, personnel and operations of the business at your fingertips.


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